strangely becoming

I played crossing guard to a possum the other day, the first I’ve seen in daylight, when he was zig-zagging slowly across a busy street.  In fact, he was so slow, I had time to take a series of pictures before I had to intervene and get him going straight.

When you catch possums at night, when they’re hIdden in shadow with only the light from an open door shining on their little faces, they can be cute.

Not hidden? Well. Less cute. In fact, really ugly.  Sorry. It’s not my sole opinion; it’s a consensus.

possum Possum

I painted this, in honor of the po’ little dopey guy and posted it to instagram. Someone posted a comment in Chinese characters; Google translation? Little purple rat. Very cute.

You’ve got to love possum love. That’s what I think.

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